We are bringing responsibility to the market

Adrian Paraschiv,
Country Manager for Romania,
Photomate is active in the field of solar inverters for commercial and residential customers and has a team of more than 140 employees in 23 countries in Central, Eastern, Northern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia. The company is a Huawei Value Added Partner solar inverter and energy storage systems distributor for CEE, Scandinavia and Baltics and Certified Service Partner. Adrian Paraschiv is Country Manager for Romania.

Can you tell us more about your partnership with Huawei and how it enhances your position in the Romanian solar inverter market?

In a dynamic and competitive business environment, you need to constantly look for ways to create value, differentiate yourself, and gain an edge over your rivals. One of the most effective ways to do that is to form strategic alliances and partnerships with other organisations that can complement your strengths and enhance your offerings, and this is why Photomate has became Huawei VAP in 2015. Huawei is the largest inverter producer in the world, with top tier quality products on which, we Photomate, add top tier services for our customer. The combination of the two puts us in a lead position in Romanian market.

The company’s portfolio includes revolutionary energy storage solutions like the Huawei FusionSolar battery Luna2000. How do these solutions address the growing demand for energy storage in Romania?

Luna2000 is covering a large range of energy storage from 5kWh for residential sector, 100kWh to 200kWh for commercial and 2MWh for large scale utility and grid services. At this moment the range of Huawei energy storage system can cover all market requirements and any type of project.

Could you share some insights into the latest products or innovations that Photomate plans to introduce in Romania to further enhance the country’s transition to renewable energy sources?

We are already present the distribution of hydrogen production equipment and in the end of this year we will present our new energy management system which will put Photomate in the unique position of being able to provide a full integrated system of green hydrogen production.

With a presence in 23 countries, what specific strategies does Photomate employ to tailor its smart solar equipment to the unique needs of the Romanian market?

The Romanian market is maturing and top quality products services are requested. Photomate offers PV farm sizing services, from sizing arrays of panels to ensure maximum inverter efficiency, to designing PV panels on the available area. We also provide support in the sizing of energy storage systems, based on the input data of a consumption site, such as hourly consumption (IBD) and ensure the maximization of self-consumption or the coverage of load peaks where the electricity network is undersized. At the same time, because reactive energy represents an important component in the electricity bill, we offer services for dynamic compensation of reactive energy, appropriately sizing the photovoltaic system and energy storage systems.
Commissioning services are provided for any largescale project and include the commissioning service of inverters, transformer stations and energy storage systems in Romania.

What is Photomate’s long-term vision for the Romanian market, and how do you envision contributing to the sustainable energy future of the region in the coming years?

Romania is an important market for Photomate and we intend to increase our presence here. We consider that responsibility is a key factor for future development, and this is what we are bringing to the market. Through our partners we have a 2 GW of PV projects pipeline, projects that will be developed in the next years.

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