Valer Hancas

We plan to sustain expansion pace

The pandemic did not stop our investments or key projects, just the reverse. We made total investments of over 300 million euro, we continued to support and develop partnerships with local producers and in 2020 alone we have worked with over 2,400 suppliers in Romania. More than 8 million euro were allocated last year to community projects, which benefited 2.8 million Romanians. Kaufland was the first retailer on the market to certify its premises with the DEKRA international standard, which certifies that they comply with all measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Since the onset of the pandemic, we have invested over 20 million lei in the implementation of protection and prevention measures at our premises – shops, warehouses, offices – with the greatest responsibility.

Ivan Chernev

We will continue to invest in our brand, network expansion

We will continue to actively invest in the overall development of the Kaufland brand as one synonymous with quality and innovation on the retail market. Significant investments are planned in our active expansion process which is underway. We plan to expand our retail network in Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv and other cities. We will continue to invest in the modernisation of our hypermarkets, as well. We remain focused on the range of products we offer – Bulgarian products, with an even stronger emphasis on quality, as well as non-standard, innovative and niche products. We will further invest in our team and its development. Our people have the key role in the overall performance of our company and the results we achieve.