Assen Christov

We made key step towards a leading holding in SEE

By integrating CEZ Group’s assets, we are adding the largest supplier and distributor of electricity in Bulgaria, serving nearly 3 million customers nationwide, including the most populated southwestern part of the country and the capital Sofia. Additionally, we have retained most of CEZ Bulgaria’s management team in order to secure the in-depth expertise that has been gained through the years, while at the same time inviting new members to join the board, each of whom with over 25 years of experience in the sector at leading positions in energy companies operating across Eastern Europe. The combination of our insurance and energy business will significantly improve the holding company’s model and profile, generating considerable growth of operating cash flows. This year the total assets and revenue of the combined company are expected to exceed 1.5 billion euro, while its EBITDA is forecast to reach around 120 million euro. Еurohold serves to over 7 million customers and employs approximately 6,000 people in 14 countries in CESEE and FSU. Looking ahead, Еurohold expects to generate revenue and EBITDA of almost 2 billion euro and 200 million euro per annum by 2025, respectively. This will make us large enough to list our shares on a larger stock exchange. This is the next big thing in our upcoming timeline.