Boris Borisov, CEO, Sopharma Properties REIT

Green building solutions offer longer-term advantages over conventional approach

Sopharma Properties REIT is the sole investor in the Sopharma Business Towers project. The Sopharma Business Towers consist of two towers with two common basement levels, an underground parking lot, a ground floor and a mezzanine. Sopharma Business Towers are unique for Bulgaria with their remarkable smart building silhouette, doubleskin facade and electronically controlled blinds that adjust to the movement of the sun. The building is certified as Class A, the highest European and world grade for the technology employed in the construction of commercial and office space. Class A office buildings use the energy of the sun and wind, the natural temperature of the soil and groundwater.

Ioannis Anagnostou, Plant Manager, Titan Zlatna Panega

Titan Zlatna Panega looks to alternative fuels, additives to cut CO2 footprint

TITAN Group is an independent multi-regional producer of cement and other related building materials. With a track record of continuous growth since its establishment in Greece 109 years ago, it has expanded its production and distribution operations into 13 countries in Southeast Europe, the USA and the Eastern Mediterranean. The group has been present in Bulgaria for more than 15 years – it owns the cement plant in Zlatna Panega and is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality cement in the country. Furthermore, the company operates ready mix units in three major cities planning to enter other locations and is also looking for new gravel and sand quarries.

Business Tax

Good tax services crucial for SMEs successful market entry

Sofia-based Business Tax provides tax, accounting, foreign investment and legal advisory services to public and private customers.
The company’s expertise covers a wide range of industries from telecommunications, water supply and mineral resources through power production and aviation to construction and shipbuilding. The list of its clients features Alstom/ Areva, BASF, Raiffeisen and HeidelbergCement.