Akkodis combines Modis and Akka Technologies experience to become a Smart Industry leader

Modis is one of the three main brands of the Adecco Group and is specialised in the IT and digital field. With over 30,000 consultants around the globe, the company has been organically growing for the past years. To further expand the business and diverse its portfolio of services, the Group decided to acquire another company similar in size and merge its business with the one of Modis. Akka Technologies turned out to be the best choice with its long-year expertise and large portfolio of engineering solutions. A year after the deal has been confirmed, we are about to launch the new global brand Akkodis combining the vast expertise of both Modis and Akka in the IT and engineering space and turning into a leader in Smart Industry. The new brand will have presence in over 30 countries with over 50,000 digital engineers and experts.