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In tough times generic drugs come to the rescue

The global financial downturn and the ongoing European sovereign debt crisis have afflicted almost all industries and the pharmaceuticals sector is no exception. Pharmaceutical companies manufacturing brand drugs face a tough market while companies making generic medicines, or cheaper copies of branded drugs with their patent expired or under an agreement with the branded drug maker, may benefit from the situation.
The coupling of the crisis with the boom in patent expirations continues to give a strong boost to generic drug makers.

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Albania sets eyes on mountain tourism to boost growth

Albania will aim to develop its mountain tourism in an effort to generate more revenue from its tourist sector and to increase the share of tourism in its gross domestic product, a new strategy blueprint indicates.
Tourism is among the most important sectors in the economy of Albania. According to official statistics it generates 10% of the country’s gross domestic product which is estimated to have reached some 13 billion U.S. dollars (10.5 billion euro) in 2011.

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Faring in a smoke-free environment

It’s 2004 and Ireland has swung a legislative wrecking ball, initiating a demolition process that would leave smokers in many European countries out in the cold (literally as well). The Irish government has enforced the first-ever law that prohibits smokers from lighting up in all enclosed public and work places, bars and restaurants included. Partial bans and assorted restrictions had been around before that in many countries but none had until then brought watering holes and eateries within the scope of anti-smoking legislation.

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SEE bourse operators pin hopes on sale of state-owned stakes to boost liquidity

Struggling to break the deadlock of low liquidity – an inherent problem for the SEE equity markets, aggravated further in recent years by the exit of big foreign investors and the high risk aversion of local players – the bourses’ CEOs see hope in the privatisation of state-held stakes. At the same time, in a bid to broaden their perspectives beyond their national horizons, they are continuing to make steps towards tighter regional cooperation.

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SEE: a land of promise for automotive industry investors

The International Organisation of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA) has said that 80.1 million motor vehicles were manufactured worldwide in 2011, a 3.1% year-on-year increase in global automotive production. The number of passenger cars produced rose to 59.9 million from 58.3 million in 2010.
The combined output of motor vehicles in the three Southeast European countries manufacturing them in 2011 – Romania, Slovenia and Serbia – fell by 9.5% from 2010 to 525,141 units.
Forecasts for the next three years indicate recovery for both global and European automobile production.

Breakdown of the SEE TOP 100 industries in 2010

Pushing off the bottom

The telltale signs of an economic recovery in Southeast Europe (SEE) were visible in both the top- and bottom-lines of the companies in the SEE TOP 100 ranking. The total revenue of the biggest companies in SEE increased by 15% year-on-year to 87.4 billion euro in 2010 after shrinking by 14% in 2009. The combined net profit of the top 100 firms jumped by 105% on the year to 2.3 billion euro in 2010, driven by the pursuit of costefficiency and the cautious spending mood among companies of all sectors.