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SEE bourse operators pin hopes on sale of state-owned stakes to boost liquidity

Struggling to break the deadlock of low liquidity – an inherent problem for the SEE equity markets, aggravated further in recent years by the exit of big foreign investors and the high risk aversion of local players – the bourses’ CEOs see hope in the privatisation of state-held stakes. At the same time, in a bid to broaden their perspectives beyond their national horizons, they are continuing to make steps towards tighter regional cooperation. Read more

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Going green or going for growth? No choice, it must be both

More than four years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the subsequent global recession, the impact of the economic crisis is still being felt across emerging economies and nowhere more so than in Southeast Europe. Read more

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Romanian, Croatian heavyweights share limelight on SEE bourses

Romanian and Croatian heavyweights dominate the top of the list of the largest companies by market capitalisation in Southeast Europe at the end of last year. Еnergy, oil, banking and telecommuncation groups lead the Top 100 SEE ranking of the companies traded on the regional stock exchanges. Read more